Pm Splints provides numerous types of different splints as well as mouth guards and additional items.

Also known as the Superior Repositioning Splint (SRS). This splint is flat in the posterior portion of the appliance and has a ramp in the anterior to allow lateral and protrusive movements with incisal guidance and cuspid protection.  This can be made for the upper and lower arch.

Centric Relation Splint

This flat plane occlusal acrylic splint can be made on the upper and lower arch and has full pinpoint contact of the opposing arch.  This splint may be used in treating TMD cases and is widely used for bruxism problems.

Flat Plane Splint

This full coverage mandibular splint is used in the treatment of TMD.  There is a slight ramp in the anterior portion of the splint to allow lateral movements with incisal guidance and cuspid protection.

Tanner Splint

This splint is used to reposition the mandible and is fabricated on the lower arch.  The Gelb splint has no anterior acrylic; a lingua bar connects the posterior acrylic.  There is deep indexing to hold the desired poition and one pair if ball claps for retention.  This splint can also be used for bruxism cases in the indexing is left off.

M.O.R.A. Gelb Splint

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Anterior Repositioning Splint (ARS)

This splint is usually fabricated with a wax bite that brings the mandible into a protrusive position.  The upper splint has a flange that rests behind the lower anteriors to maintain the forward position.  The lower ARS is made with deep indexing to maintain forward position.

Dual Laminate Splint

Made from vacuum-formed material that has a soft inner lining and a hard outer shell.  Acrylic is added to the occlusion to make even contact with the opposing arch.  This material can be used on most types of splints.

Mouth Guard

We offer soft mouth guard splints that can be used for bruxing or worn while playing sports.


Variations of all splints can be made upon request.

Other Splints

We also offer other types of splints, such as the NTI and Double Bite Splint. Call or email for details.


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